Making the connection 

I ride by a farm that has Buffaloes. Today one Buffalo let me pet his head, communicated with me and licked my hand - a kiss. I am happy to admit I was very moved by the lovingkindness of the Buffalo. 

Below are photos from the very special occasion.

Here is my buddy. Not sure if he needs a name or not, but he seems to know me.

Are we brothers from another birth?

How could you say no to these inviting eyes?

Such a beautiful head. I petted the forehead and the Buffalo reciprocated by making his own noises and licking my hand. For a moment, I was almost teary eyed. Had I cried, that'd have been okay too.

There he stands looking at me.

I took my bicycle closer to the fence. The Buffalo wasn't sure of what I was doing. So, I backed off a bit and let him get used to me and give him his space and the respect he deserved. Just as he treated me with kindness.

Who knew commute to work could be this fun? :)

My buddy Buffalo was joined soon by another friend.

I have been pondering about t…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all those celebrate the day!

No new critter photo this week, except the Chow on my T-shirt :)

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Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Little bit of this and that

First off, all is well with all of us.
I have been a bit busy with work and also more involved in Instagram than writing blog posts.
Hence, the less frequent blogging.
So, now that I have come out and admitted that, we can move on :)

Rambo continues to practice Yoga and now is reading the book by the famous Iyengar of Iyengar Yoga as shown below .

Chaka has mastered the art of begging for Chapathi and is very successful at getting one.

I took a few days off to recharge.
Hence, we were able to visit the neighboring city of Grapevine, Texas, for a stroll down Main.
Where we found some delicious offerings for the Furry Family members {beard hair does not qualify}!

I went around the neighborhood for a bit yesterday in search of interesting things to photograph.
I found a nice Pear Tree with a lovely sky background to go with it.

The HOA has done a great job of maintaining the garden around the swimming pool.
I saw a good collection of Winter Pansies (I think that's what they are) by t…

Critter News

Photos from several walks of our lives.

Top Left: Shadow of Bison in the fields near our home
Top Right: Yogi Rambo Dass teaching me the 'Tail on your Beard' aasana.

Bottom Left: Chaka says, "Why am I outside, while y'all are inside?"
Bottom Right: BK says, "Honestly, you don't expect me to eat Apples and Ginger..."

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Have a Happy Weekend!

Peace :)

Skies so pretty

Photos from last summer, I think.

I just had to share these views.

Happy Friday and a Happy WE to y'all.
Peace :)

Fat Tire Shadow

Riding home after work on a winter evening....

Counting all our blessings, including this reliable bicycle and dynamo lighting.
And, the shadows the light cast.

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Peace :)

Yoga with Rambo

As it is a mix of warm and cold days this winter, everyone has been a mix of lazy and energy all winter this year.

However, Rambo still does Yoga with me. As much Yoga as I do :)

Recently, all the four-legged children got their manicure from the Vet's office. So, we can leave the Yoga mat unrolled, shall we say?

How is it by you? How has your Winter been? Even if chilly and icy, I hope you are in the warmth of your home and among friends and family.

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Have a Happy Weekend!

Peace :)