Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Additions to the Americano

I came across some really nice Stainless Steel fenders for the Americano at Wallingford Bicycles.
Mr. Bill Laine, the properiter of Wallingford Bicycles gave me some really useful tips about the installation. While the installation was not a snap, it was not unreasonable.

See how pretty the Americano is with the Gilles Berthoud fenders?
To dampen any possible vibration, I made some leather washers using some leftover Brooks Bar Tape and a specialty die.
Next project is adding a nice brass bell. Will write about this soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lancaster Country Ride

My friend Shoaib and I did the Lancaster Country Ride (near Lancaster, TX) on 4/11th .
We had some head winds during the first part of the ride. IMHO the ride was quite hilly.
The route covered part/all of the Bluebonnet trail, which was quite scenic.
The bluebonnets were abundant in this area. We saw large ranches and different types of homes that what we are used to in DFW.
Check out these Texas Longhorns. I think they are really majestic!
Here is a baby boy with his parent!
I rode 62 miles on the day before and I only finished 52 of the 60 miles.
Still, I reached my goal of 100+ miles on two consecutive days. Hopefully, this will help with the MS 150, coming up on May 2nd and 3rd.

Thanks, Shaoib, for the nice pictures :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tour Dallas 2009

April 4th was Tour Dallas and it was a lot of fun!
Shoaib and I signed up for the 30 mile route and had a blast.
The tour started at the Dallas City Hall.
The morning was chilly so I kept my leg and arm warmers on. The Performance Illuminite arm warmers illuminate light very well. See how well they did with the camera flash?
Dallas Police did a fantastic job of managing traffic until everyone completed the tour, which was around 12 PM. When the tour started, the streets were pretty much empty except for the cyclists.
We ran into all sorts of cyclists and bicycles. Here is a really cool tandem!
Shoaib photographing the riders :)
There was free pizza from Pizza Patron (yummy!) and soft drinks available for all the participants at the end of the tour.
After the tour, I rode another 46 miles, making it back to Irving and riding the Campion Trails.

I want to do this again next year!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Green CoMotion completes a rough ride!

So, finally I completed my route to the TX Motor Speedway and beyond, a total of 60 or so miles.I did not think my properly mapped-on-Google route would throw any major curve balls.
But, I ended up on a road called Litsey road which kinda sorta dead-ended with an abandoned bridge that'd been barricaded.
I managed to cross that bridge, by foot, however.
Other really bad (unpaved, very uneven, very bumpy) roads were Mulkey Ln, Cleveland Gibbs Rd/County Rd-338.

I want to rethink FM-1171. Virtually no shoulder on this stretch. Also, I think I came across the worst ones of the day on FM-1171. This stretch also contained a bunch or rolling hills and some serious climbs (for me).

I rode through the following cities today: Irving, Coppell, South Lake, Roanoke, Fort Worth (outskirts perhaps?), Justin, North Lake, Flower Mound, Grapevine.

I saw more cattle today than I have seen anywhere else, since I left India.

The Pearl Izumi Elite Versa shorts did a decent job of keeping me comfortable.

The Brooks B-135 saddle was super comfortable.

The Co-Motion Americano felt great on unpaved roads as well.

The Vittoria Vittoria Randonneur Pro 700x35 tires held up pretty well.

I did it, I did it, Mom and Dad, I did it :)

This is my first blog ever and I am pretty psyched!