Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tour Dallas 2009

April 4th was Tour Dallas and it was a lot of fun!
Shoaib and I signed up for the 30 mile route and had a blast.
The tour started at the Dallas City Hall.
The morning was chilly so I kept my leg and arm warmers on. The Performance Illuminite arm warmers illuminate light very well. See how well they did with the camera flash?
Dallas Police did a fantastic job of managing traffic until everyone completed the tour, which was around 12 PM. When the tour started, the streets were pretty much empty except for the cyclists.
We ran into all sorts of cyclists and bicycles. Here is a really cool tandem!
Shoaib photographing the riders :)
There was free pizza from Pizza Patron (yummy!) and soft drinks available for all the participants at the end of the tour.
After the tour, I rode another 46 miles, making it back to Irving and riding the Campion Trails.

I want to do this again next year!

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