Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CamelBak Insulated Stainless-Steel Bottle

I love how cold it keeps the water. I filled it with ice cubes (about 10) and cold water. For 30 hours or so the water stayed drink-ably cold. For at least 10-12 hours, there were still some un-melted ice cubes . Getting it to fit in my King Iris cage was initially a pain but I got it to work smoother now.

Initially, I had some reservations about the shape of the bottle but I have since changed my mind and I have started liking this bottle.

It is a great bottle. While I wish it could hold a bit more water, I am quite happy with it.

I am gonna try the Torpedo by CycleAware (larger capacity) next. I shall post the results here soon afterwards.


  1. How hot does the outside of the bottle get to the touch on a hot day? Say, for the sake of argument, anything over 100F. I understand that the contents stay pleasantly cool, but does the steel burn your hands when you pull it out from the holder?

  2. The bottle does NOT get hot on even the hottest of the days. I rode to Whitesboro from Celina on the day it was 106 (I think) and the water stayed drinkable. The bottle did not feel hot to the touch. Not that it matters, I usually pull it out with the loop portion of the cap (if that makes sense - please see a close-up of the bottle's cap/lid, if need be).

    My only gripe about this bottle is that I wish it was a bit bigger. But I guess for longer rides, one really needs a bladder in a backpack (like a CamelBak or a Platypus (made proudly in Seattle, US of A).

  3. Can you elaborate on how the Camelbak insulated stainless bottle fits in the Iris cage? I'm certain I want this bottle but I'd like to find the most secure cage with enough clearance for it. Is the bottle secure in the Iris?


  4. The Camelbak insulated stainless bottle fits very/super snugly in the Iris cage. It is a very tight/secure fit. I am confident that the bottle will not pop out of the cage when you ride over normal terrain.

    Please note that I am more interested in the quality of the water I drink than keeping the bottle completely blemish free.

    Many more happy bottles of water to ya!
    Peace :)


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