Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Kiddie Ride!

On hotter days, when I do not want to venture out too far, I usually ride the Campion Trail, near my home in Irving, TX. This trail is roughly 5 miles long and is a paved trail which is great for riding with your family. It is usually not very crowded although I have seen some days when it was crowded, over the summer. It supports all types of physical activities like walking, biking, roller skating etc. Here is a quick look at the nicely paved trail, just as one exits Valley Ranch, going under Valley View Lane.
Those of you who have never been on this trail just have to believe me when I say the Trinity River runs just to the left of this trail for a little while. But there is a one body of water or another on this trail, pretty much all along the way. That is one big plus, if you ask me! You also find some enthusiastic sportsmen fishing in the river. I am not sure if they actually eat the fish they catch or if they just catch and release. The water does not look very clean :(
The Campion trail runs all the way from Valley Ranch to California Crossing, in South Irving. Along the way, you go by a Polo Field and Equestrain Trails. Because of the presence of the Trinity and the canal that runs along the trail, there is usually lots of water birds along this trail. There is also a designated Bird Watching area on this trail, where I have personally seen so many different types of birds, including Herons. Being a nature lover, I love all kinds of animals and birds and everything that is nature.
If you are ever in my neck of the woods and you feel like checking out the Campion trail, I would highly recommend it for a place where you can ride leisurely. Although, I personally do not care for some that ride this trail who do not signal that they are passing you either verbally or by using a horn or a bell. There are also some that ride this trail without any lights at all, at night. I think these kinds people put themselves and others on the trail at risk. I do not want to sound sour but I have come closer to being hit by some of these :(

I do not want to end this post on a negative note. Here is a little video (my first video post, YES!) to cheer you up :)


PS. I rode my Cannondale Mountain Bike on this ride!


  1. The foto of the kids with all the greenery is very nice.

  2. We went there last Saturday and it now looks very beautiful with fall colors.


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