Sunday, July 12, 2009

Celina to Whitesboro,TX

I recently joined the Lone Star Randonnuers (LSR). From the LSR, I got a nice route to get to Whitesboro, TX from Celina, TX. So, I set out to ride this 64 miles route on July 4, 2009. I took my chances with the heat, thinking I can make it but I had to cut the trip in half as I felt I was close to a heat-stroke.

The lows of the trip were the intolerable TX heat (102 degrees F) and the lack of shade. And, the six or so dead snakes I saw along the way didn't help much either :)

Lesson learned: If it is going to be 102, do not ride during the hottest part of the day!

In spite of these things, this ride opened my eyes to the beauty of Texas countryside. I was once again reminded that I was going after the experience and not necessarily how fast I get to the destination.
I saw over 100 horses on that day. They came in all colors, sizes and shapes. So, majestic! I also saw some guys that were either donkeys or burros. They guys were incredibly cute and so I decided to add them to my collection of nature's splendor!

And there were acres after acres of fields (corn?). While some parts of the ride were scenic and verdant, there were parts that were boring as it can be and dry.
I saw this one sign that caught my eye. Made me wonder if they were using GM seeds :(
I am gonna ride this entire route back again and complete all the 64 miles. But, I might wait till it gets a bit cooler, perhaps in the Fall / Winter.

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