Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye HotRock, Hello F6!

Yesterday, my family said their Goodbyes to my kid's Specialized HotRock (HR) Mountain bike. We got HR in 2006 from Mesa Cycles in St. Louis, MO. HR served my kid very well. It was my kid's first geared bike. A gentleman from Fort Worth bought it from us for his kid. Bye, HR...we'll miss ya!...
HR has been replaced by Daddy's Cannondale F6, which I bought off Craigslist in Richardson, TX. Although, the transformation from HR to F6 was not a major problem for my kid, there were some minor glitches. The stock stem on the F6 was way too long. So, we had to replace this one with something that will be super-short. After talking my buddies at REI Dallas, an unanimous decision to replace the stock stem of the F6 with a Truvativ Hussefelt.
While the Hussefelt is heavier (a whopping 203 grams) than many other stems I have had the pleasure of knowing, it is built like a tank. I ain't kiddin' ya!So, Kudos kiddo! You have earned it by hard work, proving to me that you can ride like a lioness and that you deserve a bigger bike.

Many more years of happy riding and safe trails to you!

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