Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trinity River Trail Fort Worth

I rode the Trinity Trail in Fort Worth with a couple of my friends today. We started around 8:30 AM and so it was not too hot yet. This trail runs right along the Trinity River in Fort Worth. It was my first trip to this trail and so it was very interesting to me.
Based on what I know, I believe there are about 30 odd miles of paved trails along the Trinity. The trail we rode was quite scenic, in spite of the repressive heat. While the Trinity was low, it was still to ride by a river. I had not done this since I left Missouri (especially, the KT Trail in St. Charles and Columbia) and it brought back some fond memories. I saw tons of cranes along the river.
Along the trail, there were misting stations and shade available. So, if you wanted to take a break, you could relax for a bit and get a break from the sun. There were also water fountains along the trail, although I did not have the need to refill. I had my backpack bladder filled with lots of ice and water, which lasted the entire trip.
We had planned to ride 60 miles or so but the trip was cut short, unfortunately, due to one of the fellow's tires blowing up. Although, this was a bummer, the trip was a real nice one, the ride was great and I would definitely recommend this trail. I plan to go back and ride this one again.

PS. I tested the CycleAware Torpedo bottle and I am gonna give it a thumbs-down. It is not as good as the Camelbak Stainless Steel Insulated bottle, in terms of keeping the water cold. I also did not like Cycleaware's customer service. I had to call them several times to find out where my package was. A week after I was supposed to have the bottle, they told me that they had not shipped it as they were out-of-stock :(


  1. O good lord I hate that trail. I rode it a lot last summer because I was temporarily living near it. If the massive swarms of nats don't get you, then the heat and direct sunlight will.

    Hope this comment works. Glad to find another great DFW cycler.

  2. I think it is more than 30 miles of trails, although I don't know the exact number. I did 57 miles on New Years Eve, most of it on the Trinity Trail system.

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Eliot,
    I lucked out that day from torrid summer heat! But it seems not that uncommon to run into nats on trails alongside canals and rivers. Heck, I even found them along trails which were not alongside any body of water, in St. Louis. I think I may have brought them secretly :) I do not like nats or mosquitoes.

    Welcome to my blog and thank you for your nice suggestions and comments!

    Peace :)

  4. Doohickie,
    You are absolutely right. I am also certain, now, the trail is longer than 30 miles. I had only planned to ride 30 miles one-way and then ride back to my car (Oops, I know!).

    Peace :)

  5. NOW you're on the bad list of both the "purity" and the "green" police. Welcome aboard...


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