Saturday, August 8, 2009

Arabian Knight ...

I rode to Whiterock Lake (WRL) from Irving today. Total mileage : 52.

I hop on the WRL Trail at Medical City (near Forest and Hillcrest).

Liquids consumed : 3 liters of water and two cups of iced-coffee.

I always eat before I ride. It helps me a great deal!

: 3 fried eggs and 2 fresh tomatoes!

I think today's high was around a 97 degrees. In spite of that, I saw lots of people, out, having fun!

Kids were playing soccer on the fields adjacent to the WRL Trail. I always stop and take a picture of these kids. No matter how hot it is, kids always seem to have fun! Boy, what would I not give to get their energy :)
The Tennis Courts near Fair Oaks were busy and hopping also.
Last Sunday, when I rode the WRL Trail with my kid, it was flooded in some parts due to some heavy downpour we had the previous night. Today, the trail was dry as it can be. No excess rain water on the path! The creeks were still abundantly filled with water and the usual inhabitants of the trail where making it all worth it.
I usually go around the WRL once before I eat my lunch, somewhere under a tree. I did the same today and it was especially nice to take a break from the sun beating relentlessly on me.

Lunch : 20 Ounce Peace and Blueberry Shake with 2 scoops of Jay Robb Egg White Protein, 1 apple and 10 raw almonds, 10 raw walnuts. Eaten under a nice shady tree :)
Lots of riders were on the trail today, both on the way to the WRL and on the path surrounding the lake. There were plenty of sailboats. The blue sky and puffy clouds made it all look really picturesque!!
After lunch, I completed the rest of my usual ride around certain other parts of the WRL. I always make it a point to go by the Dog Park. The pooches were smart and they were having a ball in the water.
Please, y'all - Don't tell these two that I went and played with other pooches :)
After watching and visitng with some of the pooches and their humans, I rode back to Irving to feed the hungry monster :)

Dinner : Mildly seasoned Cooked lentil curry with Tomatoes with 4 Corn Tortillas!

Epilogue : As much as I love riding my bicycle, I also love to sleep in, on weekends. I usually am up, pretty late, during the week and I catch up on sleeping over the weekend. Anyways, this translates into starting times later than 11 AM for my weekend rides. This combined with the torrid North Texas summers, usually means I get roasted in the sun. Well, today was no exception! I did get hot but I temporarily turned into a desert traveler and survived burning my neck. Well, see for yourselves :)
I have seen many a cyclist wear different types of head-gear while traveling through hot places. I always wondered why and today I know :)

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  1. Yep. I like sleeping in too. All too often....

    Good pointers. I've been chickening out in the heat for the last month or two. Was weird... I biked more during the winter than I do now. Gonna hafta change that.


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