Friday, August 28, 2009

Front Carrier on The Americano

You may recall from my last post that the front Reelight on the Amreicano was getting in the way of installing the front carrier. Well, after pondering about it last night, I finally decided to remove both the front and rear Reelights from my Americano and install the Front Carrier.

I will be installing the Reelights on the Cannondale T-800. The front carrier is also made by Tubus and it is a lowrider, Tara.

This installation took me about 30 minutes. I had to retrace my steps based on my memory of how I had installed it on the Cannondale T-800.
Here is GCMA (Green Co-Motion Americano) unloaded!
Here is GCMA (Green Co-Motion Americano) partially loaded! Once I add my front panniers, it will be a wrap!!
The bags on the GCMA are:
  1. Small Handlebar bag
  2. Tail Rider
  3. The Bug
  4. Utility Basket
All my pannier bags are made by Arkel. I especially love Arkel because they are excellent bags and they are made in Canada, where I believe workers are paid a decent wage. It is NOT a sweatshop product!! Plus, I went to school in Canada.

I use The Bug and the Utility Basket when I am riding around town. For my future self-supported touring, I have the G-54 and I plan to buy a pair of GT-18 or GT-18BP for the front.

Well, this wraps up 50% of my recent project list. I still have to fix the scratches on the bike.

Peace :)


  1. Awesome setup! It looks like you're ready to do some serious touring.

  2. Does the same principle apply if the bike's only got cantilever brake bosses to use for rack mounting? My Tricross has the brake bosses, along with eyelets on the dropouts and a hole where a caliper brake could be mounted.

    I look forward to seeing how the panniers use that contraption for support.

  3. Steve A,
    I do not know the answer to your question.
    When I mount the panniers on the front carrier, I will post the pictures.
    Peace :)

    I plan to do a small tour soon. May be to Austin?
    Peace :)

  4. Such a beautiful (and serious!) bike. My husband loves Arkel bags, too.

  5. Oh, wow! I love that front rack! It's not only more elegant than the one I have on my Surly, it's more functional. I discovered I have to remove my quick-release to take the front wheel off. Sorta defeats the purpose of a quick-release. Methinks I'll garage-sale it and get the Tara.

    I bought the Arkel GT54 and large handlebar bag for touring. Awesome bags!

  6. Keri,
    Tara is convenient and not too hard to install -- even I can do it.

    Glad you like Arkel too. The large handlebar bag is nice and spacious. The small is quite big enough for carrying a camera, wallet, phone, sun screen, bug repellent, snacks and some other little items.

    Where do you plan to tour?

    Will you please consider posting some pics of your setup?

    I love your web design work!

    Peace :)

  7. Chandra,

    I just finished a tour from Richmond to Philly. I'm (slowly) writing a recap of that, which will be accompanied by a photo album. Soooon.

    And, thank you! :-)


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