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If you build it, they will come!

Well, we all know the famous lines, "If you build it, they will come".
When I moved to Texas in 2008, there was no bike rack at my work.
I used to park my bike in the bridge, which they did not mind at all.
There were only two of us then, myself and Mr. E.

I did not have to lock my bike or anything.
I would simply park it in the bridge and it would be there when I left for home.
Towards the end of 2008 or so, I was informed that they were going to install a bike rack. And, true to their word, they did install a really nice rack, in the 2nd floor of parking garage.

I park my bike in the bike rack since then and so does Mr. E.
And, we two are the only ones parking in this really beautiful and expensive rack. No one else has joined us yet.

The bike rack has been built. Will they come? :)


  1. That IS a very nice rack. I have to say that if we had such a rack that was sheltered, I'd be tempted to use it.

    We have a rack where I work. It's not in the same class, but that's OK since nobody uses it. Most park around by the back fence entrance over by the shower (we've actually got two showers which is REALLY nice). I park behind my office door on the third floor. As in your case, they got the rack after a couple of us started riding to work. I suggested we really didn't need one but they got it anyway. I actually used it twice. I didn't want to seem uncooperative.

    We've had discussions about moving the bike rack to where people actually park their bikes, but no one's in a rush.

  2. Congrats! My office may be moving at the end of the year and there is discussion about where, and whether, the bike rack will be. I'm the only regular bike commuter, although a handful of others have ridden on occasion.

  3. There is a rack where I work, outside, that gets used fairly well. I have the luxury of bringing my bike inside and storing it not too far from my office.

    Will they come? Who knows, but a good spot to put your bike is a start!

  4. Those reflective sidewalls really jump out at ya!

  5. Steve A,
    Good observation about the reflective sidewalls. They do a very nice job of reflecting light and hence they stand out when you use flash in photographing them.

    I hope they do jump at auto drivers when they seem me and hopefully alert them to the fact that there is a cyclist on the road!

    Peace :)

  6. It must be nice to work for a company that would go through the hassle of installing a bike rack for you guys.

  7. That's quite true, RTP!!

    It is very nice of my employer to install the bike rack. Our CEO rides a bicycle, not as a commuter, as far as I know, but as a rider in organized rides such as the MS150 and HHH100.


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