Friday, August 14, 2009

MKS Lambda Platform Pedals

I have not used Clipless pedals for a while now. For a while, I wasn't sure. I pondered about the "efficiency" factor. Then, finally decided they were not worth the hassle. Now, all my bikes have platform pedals.

Last week, I replaced my MKS Touring pedals on the Co-Motion Americano with a pair of MKS Lambda pedals. Now, these may also be called Grip King pedals. I compared the information, both quantitative and qualitative (pictures), on both the pedals, and arrived at the conclusion that they are exactly the same pedals.

Now, for these pedals, Rivendell Bicycle Works charges $62.00 ($54 + $8 for UPS Ground) and I found Niagara Bicycle Works (through charges $36.84 ($32.50 + $4.34 for UPS Ground). I bought mine from!

I have ridden close to 40 miles with these pedals now and I am absolutely loving them. They look bigger than the MKS Touring pedals but surprisingly weigh about the same (11.6 ounces).

Through the picture below, I have tried to compare the dimension of the Touring and the Lambda pedals. Both these pedals have bodies made of Aluminum and spindles made of CrMo.
MKS claims that these pedals (both Lambda and the Touring) can be serviced in a traditional manner. It has been eons since I opened up a pedal and serviced it. For now, I figure I will ride'em the way they are until any issues arise. Then I will think about servicing them.

I have ridden the Lambda pedals with my Keen sandals (regular Keen sandals, not the commuter) and the pedals are grip the sandals very well. I have also found that Stealth Rubber shoes, such as the FiveTen Impact shoes, pretty much glue themselves these pedals. I am pretty confident you can ride these pedals with any shoe and you will do great!

Peace :)


  1. Those look pretty mean! Can't wait to check them out. I use Shimano PD-M324, which are half spd / half platform. They work great, for when I want clipless and when I want just my sandals :)

  2. I'm going to replace the pedals that are currently on the old bike I just bought. After reading your post I may buy a pair Lambda pedals. Thanks for the tip on Amazon.


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