Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not a long way but still a nice commute to work!

This is my bike route to work from my neck of the woods.
Over and above partially tooting my horn about the beautiful neighborhood of Valley Ranch in Irving, Texas, where I live, this post also serves another purpose. This great purpose is to teach myself how to embed a Google Map into a web page or a blog :)

This information is available in public domain. Your guess is correct, no, I did not invent this LOL!

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  1. I wondered why when I first looked at the map why you didn't take a more direct route down N MacArthur. Then I looked at the satellite map and I can see why. The way you go I bet there was 25 cars on the all the roads. There was probably 25 cars in one block on N MacArthur. Your ride looks like a nice commute.

  2. When your commute is short, a pleasant route takes priority over saving what would probably amount to somewhere around seven minutes.

    Interestingly enough, my wife works on Cimarron Trail and I have it bookmarked on my iPhone. It truly IS a small world...

  3. You are 100% correct, Rollz. MacArthur is a bloody mess, almost all the time. Between La Villita and Royal Lane, I see about 1-5 cars, on an average. That's usually my time to stop and smell the Sun Flowers LOL!

    Peace :)


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