Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rear Carrier on The Americano

Tonight I completed one half of the 2 projects on my list from yesterday. I removed the Tubus Logo Rear Carrier (Pannier Rack) from my Cannondale T-800 and installed it on the Americano.
Now, this ain't rocket science but takes a little bit of work. If you have done it once, you can do it again in about 20 minutes. The first time might take a bit longer.

Here is the rack before installation on the Americano. I used Adobe to make the background in this picture!
Here comes the custom light holder that I co-invented with a friend of mine.
This special part is made of a portion of an old seat post and a little bracket that takes two bolts and a connecting piece, which we just rigged out of some old bike parts that were laying around. My friend welded the parts together. Now you may be wondering why all this fuss about this special part. It will be clear to you soon ...

Here is the Tubus Logo, all cleaned up and ready to be installed!
Now, back to that special part I was showing off earlier...I use it to mount my Dinotte tail light. I basically bolt the part to my Logo. Here is a close-up of the special part!
The installation of the rack, as I mentioned before is fairly simple. As with any installation, some people like to follow the instructions provided to a tee and some don't. I do read the installation instructions.

The next 3 pictures provide a closer view of the installed rack. The one right below shows how the rack attaches to one of the stays near the rear axle.
The Americano comes with nice seat-stays which makes the installation of the Logo a breeze. See below for a close-up view!
And, a different POV of the same detail.
I like to make sure that the rack is parallel to the ground so the pannier bags do not slide. In order to accomplish this, I use a level. I leave a level on the rack during the installation so I can make sure it is installed properly.
The only other tool I used for this installation is my nifty Allen wrench.
Here is how the rack looks once it is all done!

Tubus provides various accessories to their carriers. I did not need any special parts other than what came with the rack. The rack basically comes with some Allen bolts (the kind you use for mounting a water bottle cage) and that's all.

I was planning to install the Tubus Tara Front Carrier on the Americano tonight. I have Reelights on my Americano. The installation of the rear carrier was not affected by the rear Reelight. However, I have to remove the Reelight in the front in order to install the front carrier. The clamp to which the Reelight is attached to gets in the way of mounting the front rack. That's the next half of the rack/carrier installation project!

Peace :)


  1. Very meticulous! I also like that hack for mounting the rear light, because I like hacks that aren't ugly.

  2. Hi Chandra!! :)
    I just came across your blog, (via CYLRABike) nice stuff, I enjoy all your reviews and practical easy hacks

    cheers from SF/ meli


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