Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two New Projects!

I would like to start working on two projects this week.

  1. Remove the rear and front pannier racks on the Cannondale T-800 and install them on the Americano. I plan to start riding the Americano more often on weekend rides, preferably at least partially loaded.
  2. Fix the scratches on the Americano. I have never done fixing up of scratches before. So, this will be my first project (kinda nervous actually).
That's what's new in my neck of the woods. How is it by you?

Peace :)


  1. Light loaded is a really nice way to travel... some stuff to keep to self-sufficient, not enough stuff to make you feel like a pack mule. Enjoy those weekend rides.

    Projects are so very satisfying, when you can get to them!

  2. Not much here. Just put on some bar ends on Krys' and my Trek to allow for more hand positions during long rides (thanks for the recommendation). Beyond that, not much. Getting used to my new schedule and should be able to start planning in earnest that S24O.

  3. I'd be interested in seeing more details of the front rack mounting if you're looking for a subject to post on.

  4. Steve,
    I will be delighted to post the details on the front rack mounting.
    I might need your advise on painting where the bike got scratched.
    Peace :)


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