Friday, August 7, 2009

Yak-A-Doodle-Do :(

My ride to work yesterday was almost uneventful. There was hardly any traffic, on my usual route, on Cimmaron Trail or Vally Ranch Parkway :)
There was no traffic on La Villita, as usual, which is one of the reasons I take that road. I do not like to be hassled in the mornings.
It was all good and the ride was great, until I got on Las Colinas and headed South towards Royal Lane. Again, there was hardly any traffic. I kept riding as usual, enjoying the nice view and the pleasant warmth of the morning sun.
Heading South on Las Colinas is really enjoyable for many reasons, the biggest one of which, for me at least, is that it is downhill all the way to Royal and there is hardly any traffic on that road. So, I kept cruising at 18-20 mph (I normally do not ride at this speed on the flats).

There is a 2-Way Stop at Las Colinas and Fluor. Those coming down Las Colinas do not have to stop. Anyways, there I am going at a good 20 mph, down Las Colinas. At Flour, this Yak-A-Doodle-Do in a red fancy car, does not see me coming down the road and pulls into the road and I almost ran into the PDA (Personal Dumb Ass).

I braked with all my might and luckily I narrowly escaped a major accident. The PDA drove away as though "it" didn't have a care in the world. Arrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shook my head in disbelief and went on with the rest of my commute. Of course, I could have taken a photo of the license plate and called the Police. I will definitely do that next time.

How often do you guys come across these types? How do you deal with their behavior? :(

For the record, I do own a cell phone and I talk on it from time to time but I try not to talk on it when I am driving. I do have a Blue Tooth Hands-Free contraption, which I do not carry with me, most of the time.

One day, I hope to be free of a cell phone!


  1. I don't run into PDAs very often. I worry about them, but my current routes and riding well left in the lane (taking an even dumber "D" to miss me) seems to keep them under control.

    I worry the most when these types are looking into the sun - a cyclist is easy for a motorist to miss looking into the sun.

  2. After my last flat, I got my first cell phone, after being "cell phone free" for four years. So far, it has been pretty nice. It even has a feature that allows me to turn off the phone part while keeping the cool stuff!


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