Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Cyclist Killed in North Texas :(

Driver 'veered into' cyclist on I-20 service road, DPS says | News | Star-Telegram

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I apologize for the delay in posting this awful news! I haven't been paying attention to the news :(


  1. I've only heard conflicting reports from the Startlegram. Nothing from elsewhere. The stories seem to make it a big deal whether he was on the shoulder or in the lane.

  2. Steve,
    I just read the news from the link I have posted.

    I hope he was brave and rode on the street. In either case, I feel sorry to hear that yet another cyclist got killed in North TX. I think it is the 3rd or the 4th case since April 2008, if my memory serves me right.

    My past experience in VC is based on St. Louis, Missouri. It was never this bad there in St. Louis :(

    I rode Riverside in Irving this morning. I could feel the tension in the traffic, especially caused by this abnormal phenomenon called a VC in the lane.

    Where is everybody going, in such a big hurry, now, or at the very end? :(

  3. Chandra, you have to remember that the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area has 2.5 times the population of the Saint Louis metro area, if bicyclist fatality rates were the same for both areas, St Louis would experience almost 66% fewer fatalities than DFW. DFW 3 = SL 1.

    Even tragedy has to be seen in context, and because DFW has a very vocal contingent of fear-mongers, perspective is often lost.

    We also need better accident reporting from Law Enforcement, (and newspaper reporting... although that's asking too much.)

  4. PM, thanks for your comments.

    What are the bicycle advocacy groups doing? I am member of BikeDFW, so I can chip in a few bucks to support bicycle advocacy, but I am not even sure what, if any, they can do.

    It seems just odd that drivers who kill these cyclists seem to get away Scott-free. I don't get it!

    However, I do admit that I could be wrong!

    Peace :)

  5. Even tragedy has to be seen in context,

    I'll pass that on to Larry McQuien's family, PM. I'm sure it'll be a comfort to them.

  6. PM,
    I appreciate your comments.

    Should your comparison of the "fatality rates" in STL v. DFW take into account

    1) the size of the ridership and
    2) the number of hours ridden etc?

    I see where you are headed with the rate comparison and see how you are arriving at the conclusion that STL should have 60% less fatalities.

    However, I can not but wonder if your approach is complete in all respects.

    In Biostatistics and Epidemiology, they use different approaches, for the calculation of death rates (crude death rate, incidence rate, etc., to name a few). Some of these may be applicable in the current context.

    While I am no expert in any area, I do wonder which method is most applicable for the problem at hand!

    Peace :)

  7. One such death is too many. There is simply no excuse for a driver to hit a same-direction cyclist — in the lane or in the shoulder. It's reckless. It's gross negligence. Chandra is right, the drives barely get a slap on the wrist for it. We have a well-established apologist culture for distracted and irresponsible driving. There's no deterrent. People don't envision consequences when they text, tinker with the gps, dial the phone, reach in the back seat for a bag of chips... so they keep on doing it, until they don't get away with it one day and someone else pays the price.


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