Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Decent Brew!

If you are near Alpha and Welch in Dallas, have a nice cuppa brew at Saxby's Coffee...yummy!

I tried a couple of bagels and they were yummy also!

They also sell other pastries, cookies, fancier coffees than the regular coffee that I drank :)

Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in any of these products/enterprises that I write about in my blog!

Peace :)

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  1. Cool. According to Google, that's just under 20 miles from my house. It does look very nice.

  2. A good cup of coffe is a glorious thing, and surprisingly hard to find. Maybe its because peoples tastes are so widely varied...

  3. There sure are a ton of country clubs in Dallas.

  4. Rollz,
    Texas Tourism Board advertises Texas experience as "being in a different country". May be that's why they have all those country clubs LOL


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