Monday, September 21, 2009

Follow this simple rule invented by a stay-at-home dad...

Well, there is no simple trick invented by a mom or a dad here...I just don't like that caption...It is all over the net, especially on ads...

Here is what this post is really about!

People going through your panniers at stores, while you are not watching! GRRRRRRrrrr....

So, here is what happened.

A few weeks ago, I was at REI Dallas checking out the tents and stuff, on sale. I usually park my bike inside REI. The great folks at REI do not mind if you bring your bike in. They don't bother you if you park your bike inside the store, where there is not much traffic, and browse. I am doing my usual Saturday browsing at the great and much coveted stuff as usual. In the corner of my eye I see this woman is admiring my bike. Well, at least that's what I thought she was doing.

The next thing you know, she unzips my handlebar bag and starts going through my stuff like it is her own! I couldn't believe it. She even went on to check out my camera. Sheesh!

So, I walk up to her and say, "Excuse me, it my personal stuff. Please do not go through it". She shrugs and mumbles some garbled stuff in a language I can't understand. For the record, I can understand most things said in an intelligible way, irrespective of the language. Well, I don't speak all the world's languages...Well, you get the idea!

Anyway, what's with these rude people?

I can understand people checking out stuff that is on display. But for Pete's sake, can't you tell someone's personal stash from Advertising/Display material at a store?

Here is why I was livid:
  1. There was no way to mistake my bike for a Display Bike. It was quite dirty.
  2. There was a half-eaten protein bar inside the handlebar bag.
  3. There was my stash of almonds and walnuts.
And, the list goes on and on.

I was pretty disgusted at this not-so-nice person's behavior.

And, here is what I have resorted to.

Hopefully, this and my constantly watching my bike, will keep unwanted intruders away!

In addition, I am also planning to get a small combination lock!

You guys take care of your steeds and your stash now, ya hear?

Peace :)


  1. She was undoubtedly attracted by the nuts. Good choice there. Both have good fiber and low carbs. Somehow, though, I don't think that sign would keep a thief out

  2. Chandra - I'm gonna come down there, find you and your bike, carefully read your sign, pick your lock, and start going through your stuff in plain view. Just as you are beginning to lose it, you will hear "Hi, I'm Rantwick".

  3. Man. This is something I worry about when I have to leave my bicycle somewhere. Glad you caught her and are taking proactive measures to prevent future problems. People can be so rude.

  4. Steve - I am not sure what kind of people these are. I can't tell if they are thieves. The woman didn't swipe nothing. However, the are extremely rude. I have heard some motorcycle riders complain about this sorta behavior also.

    Rantwick - Bring it on man. If that's what's gonna bring the great Rantwick to our little shanty town, so be it :)

    Apertome - I agree with you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Peace, y'all :)

  5. Chandra you can hardly call a place with Jerry Jones' new palace a shanty town. Was the protein bar half eaten before she went in the bag?

  6. And the last thing Rantwick ever saw and heard, was Chandra standing above him, asking "How do I reload this thing?"

    Rantwick, call before you come rifle through our bike bags. We can't be sure to recognize you merely by the dinosaur hairdo and we'd miss those Monday posts that occur three or four times a week.

  7. Rollz - You are right! I was just trying to be facetious! But my invitation to Rantwick is still good!!
    Peace :)

  8. I feel for you. Having people mess with your bike sucks, but riding around with a sign like that on your bike is just punishing you. You gotta look at it all the time and soak in that negative energy. Besides if people want to rifle through your stuff a sign isn't going to dissuade them....

  9. Vik --- Thanks for your comments.

    The piece of paper which reads "Private Property..." is NOT always on top in my map case built into my handlebar bag. I actually place the route map of the day on top. When I park my bike for a long enough time at stores, I put that piece on top. Do I do this all the time? Perhaps not ...

    I do understand completely what you are saying though -- it is painful to have to look at it all the time, as the owner of the bike LOL.

    Peace :)


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