Friday, October 9, 2009

Campion Trail Riders, please be careful!

Last Saturday, I saw a 4 foot snake on the ramp to the Campion trail from VR. I do not think it was a rattle snake. I do not know if it was a poisonous one.

While I have seen my share of snakes, both venomous and some that were not, I am NOT fond of running into snakes. I decided I would post a post of caution on my blog and let know prospective Campion users.

Be safe out there :)


  1. Hey Chandra,

    My 11 year old daughter is the proud owner of a 4 foot snake... wanna come over and face your fears? She's really very nice...

  2. I may have to take you up on this one, Rantwick! I do not hurt snakes but I avoid them.

    Peace :)


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