Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you ride, they will come (to get you?)

Cyclists Killed in Texas

Peace :(


  1. I am typing through tears just looking at that little girls face. :-(

  2. In the eagerness to bash Perry, the article neglects to consider that hitting a cyclist one is overtaking is not passing at a safe distance any more than it would be under the vetoed law. Nationally, prosecutions under "3 foot" laws are so rare that they are meaningless. Such laws substitute the appearance of being pro cyclist without substance. I don't know the solution, maybe it's open carry. I'd hope we could find something better. I sure wouldn't mind having recourse against my Okie "friend" but a three foot law isn't gonna influence him or his behavior.

  3. Yeah, I don't get why a new special law is needed here. The driver was reckless, it doesn't matter if he killed 2 people on a bicycle, 2 people walking or 2 people stopped on the shoulder with a disabled car. He killed 2 people because he couldn't be bothered to pay attention, control his vehicle or even drive the speed limit!

    Can someone explain to me why we need a special bicyclist-specific law in addition to manslaughter?

    We're not going to fix the traffic justice system by adding new laws to make up for lack of enforcement of existing laws.

    Rollz, that photo made me cry too.

  4. I simply don't get this. How can someone plow through people so recklessly? It is my belief that no justice is done if the driver(s) get away without any punishment. It is one thing if it is the fault of the cyclist.

    I agree with Keri. May be the laws we have will suffice, if enforced.

    May be we have become a nation which is starting to ignore the less powerful? For every activity do we need a lobby now? A lobby each for mothers pushing strollers, highway workers who do not like to be run over by vehicles, cyclists who ride on weekends and yet don't like to be run over by cars, utilitarian cyclists with a life-wish, pedestrians with a passion for life, etc. Well, the list can go on, endlessly.

    Is this what we should be doing? Try and make everything so regimented and surrounded by so many laws and regulations and stifle ourselves along the way?

    I was thinking about my blog’s recent posts last night. My blog is starting to look like a quasi-obituary blog, with so many North Texas cyclist killed by motorists. Mind you, this is not even the national list :(

    Y'all be careful out there!

  5. Rollz and Keri,
    I have a young daughter and I really appreciate your fine sentiments.

    Peace :)


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