Rainy Day Tomorrow, they say!

Well, this is me from back in the day :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day. I usually do not mind rain. But thunderstorms are a bit scary for me.

I plan to ride tomorrow, rain or shine.

Below is the weather for tomorrow, courtesy of AccuWeather.

Wednesday, Oct 21


High: 70°F RealFeel®: 70°F
Showers and gusty t-storms in the afternoon; otherwise, a morning t-storm; mostly cloudy and breezy
SE at 14mph
Wind Gusts:
25 mph
Max UV Index:
Low (2)
Thunderstorm Probability:
Amount of Precipitation:
Amount of Rain:
Amount of Snow:
Hours of Precipitation:
3 Hrs
Hours of Rain:
3 Hrs
Hours of Daylight:
11.2 Hrs

Peace :)


  1. I'm watching Ch5 now. Sounds like rain at 4PM, getting heavy by 5. Be careful on the ride home. Ch 8 sez earlier. Ditto for 11.

    Glad I rode yesterday...

  2. Chandra,
    You never looked like that picture! ha ha! :)
    If you looked like that now, you would be worried about what your helmet did to your 'do' plus you would NEVER ride in the rain!!

  3. If you wore that shirt while you are on your bike the collar would probably serve as wings and you could fly! My captcha was PSYCH do I win a prize?

  4. @Rollz LOL! I wouldn't need a flying pigeon to fly :)


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