Friday, November 27, 2009

A Ride with a Purpose of Nothing, Nada, Zilch!

I am still digesting the food from Thanksgiving. This whole process has made me slower than molasses on a cold day! Apparently, this affects my thinking process too :)

Today, I said I will just take a good little ride on the bike, see what's new on the trail and off I went to ride the Campion. We had great weather today. The skies were blue and the high was around 72 or so. It was just a beautiful day!

The usual suspects were sitting on the many branches in the water. I go to this trail so many times, I wonder if these guys are used to me by now. Some of them just laze around with no worries whatsoever, it seems.

There were lots of people on the trail although not many bicyclists. I think I saw a total of may be 5. I was very surprised that I didn't find a lot of bicyclists on the trail. May be them all went to the BF Ride. I couldn't go as I had made other plans. I bet that ride was a lot of fun.

The parking lots on the Campion seemed busy. Lots of pedestrians and roller skaters today. While I wish they wouldn't ride with the headphone on, I was still glad to see so many people being active and enjoying the outdoors.

One thing I did NOT enjoy was the sound of hundreds if not thousands of gunshots. I think there is a shooting  range adjacent to the Campion around California crossing. I felt sorry for the birds and for myself. Now, if this trail is a Nature Trail, and they proudly claim there is a bird watching area on it, why the heck would you want a shooting range in close proximity? I wonder how one can go about getting people's support for something like this. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if people want to hone their shooting skills. I just wish it was a bit farther from the biggest Nature Trail in town, where lots of beautiful birds congregate.

Please check out the video below. It will give you an idea of the sound of the gunshots I just talking about.

I found one of my buddies fishing by the Trinity. These guys are amazing at catching fish. I love watching them pluck that unsuspecting fish with such ease and elegance. I guess he is having the COD for dinner :)

I found the lawnmower tracks intersting. It looked as though someone had laid a plush carpet there and vacuumed it as well.

And then the lone bird in the sky caught my eye. I tried to photograph it, while it was in motion, to the best of my efforts using my little Digital Camera. It turned out to be not too bad! There were hundreds of birds out and about today. I guess everybody wanted to enjoy the nice weather today.
I like to call the picture below, "Fruits of Mother Nature's Labor". Those berries look so beautiful. They look like some kind of cherry red grapes, don't they? I the vine had thorns on it and so I had to be very cautious when taking this close-up shot.

So, my dear readers...
  • What did you do today? 
  • How was the weather in your neck of the woods? 
  • Did you get a chance to ride your bike today?
Whatever you did today, I hope you had a marvelous day!

Peace :)


  1. Very nice write-up. I need to get up in that area and check out the trail someday.
    While I understand your comments about the noise from the range, you have to understand that it has been in operation since 1965 - long before Las Colinas existed. I worked in that area in the 70's and was into shooting sports at the time, and would often stop in at the range after work for a little practice.

  2. I rode my bike to breakfast at a local eatery where the men from my church meet the last Saturday of the month for breakfast.

    Afterward I rode over to my favorite LBS and hung out for a while. It so happens that Black Friday was very good to them. They had more sales yesterday than they had in the whole months of August and September. They said November's been a good month in general.

    And now I'm home. I strained a muscle in my leg on Wednesday so I'm trying to take it easy, bike-wise.

  3. It's absolutely beautiful here. Crisp and cool, for a change. But alas, I am sitting at my desk working. It's OK though, this is my trade-off because I am taking most of the month of December off to hang out with my parents on Sanibel Island and Key West.

    The berry shot is very cool!

  4. @Chuck - Thanks for your comment.

    @Doohickie - Wish you a speedy recovery. I haven't ridden much this weekend. May be I will ride around 30 miles today.

    @Keri - Good for you that you get to spend time with family on an extended vacation! I have to look up where Senibel island is.

  5. I've just started riding a bit again after recovering from the flu. Wasn't it nice out today?

    I went to my bike shop on Black Friday as well to buy parts for my "no tools" fenders. We were the only ones there.

  6. Nice ride and write-up. I enjoyed the sepia-toned photos.

    I've done some riding and hiking this weekend. Will write it up on my blog when I get a chance. Glad you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

  7. Sanibel Island:


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