Monday, November 9, 2009

Amber Xenon Flasher and Cateye LD-1000

Here is a picture of my taillight setup on my daily commuter, the Cannondale T-800. I am still working on perfecting the art of mounting the Cateye LD-1000 on this bike. On Gikma, the Cateye LD-1000 can simply be mounted on the Tubus Logo Rear Carrier.

Below is a video of the Amber Xenon Flasher and the Cateye LD-1000, which I videoed tonight.

The Amber Xenon Flasher is spec'd to run on a 12 Volt DC R/C Car battery. I happened upon a slightly less powerful battery (which was much cheaper) at RadioShack, which is what I am using now. In spite of not using the full 12 VDC, the Amber Xenon Flasher works great.

I feel safe having these two lights on my commuter. The Gikma has the Dinotte 140R-AA taillight.

What is your setup like?

Peace :)


  1. I am a little weak in the light department. I am highly relectorized, but have only a 2 - led blinky hanging off the back of my helmet and two similar blinkies on my handlebars. They are small, but pretty strong. They are callled MEC Turbo Turtles. Being an almost 100% urban rider, I have only been interested in "be seen" measures so far...

  2. Rantwick,
    Thanks for your comment!
    You may be stronger in the light department than you give yourself credit for. I usually ride most urban roads during the nights. But I am completely freaked out by Dallas drivers. So, I have more lights I probably need, but I hate not to be seen by one of these drivers. The other reason for having the lights is that they are just a lotta fun to have on your bike. I suppose I am a bike geek after all LOL!

    Have you gotten snow in London yet?

    Peace :)

  3. I have one blinkie on one bike ... I forget what model, but I think it's got 3 LEDs. And the same light plus a Planet Bike Superflash on my Long Haul Trucker. The Superflash is brighter than the other light, so I may start taking it on my commutes.

  4. Hey Michael,
    I have a Planet Bike Superflash attached to my helmet using reflective bands. It works quite well.

    The Cateye LD-1000 has one advantage, LEDs on the sides of that light. I bought it before I knew about other lights, such as my Dinotte rear light. It has proven to be a good light, reliable and bullet-proof!

    Peace :)


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