Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Colors in Irving!

I rode around today to check out the fall foliage. I saw some pretty colors today. While I will gladly admit that I have seen better in other places, what I saw today wasn't bad at all. Below is a picture of the Campion Trail VR Parking Lot. There is still some flood water around this parking lot. There is no rain in the forecast for next week. However, as we all know that can change in the blink of an eye.

My objective this afternoon was not riding for miles and miles. But I wanted to get out and breathe some fresh air and check out the foliage. I just rode a part of the Campion Trail today. Just a relaxing ride, enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful Mother Nature.

I found a lot of fallen leaves. However, there is more to come. I do not have any huge trees in my backyard. We usually use the fallen leaves as fertilizer for the plants by composting them in a corner of our yard. We do not have a grand system for doing this but what we have works for our purposes.

Gikma posing at a shelter on the Campion! I hardly see any people in these shelters. I wonder if they will let me camp around one of these. Gotta find out from the City of Irving!
 Did I tell you I love flowers? There is something about them that I never get tired of. I probably have over a thousand pictures of different varieties of flowers. Some might say, "Heck, it is just another flower". Not I! Each one is a gem and is worth its own picture!
 The Trinity river is still full. Some of my friends told me that parts of Campion, especially south of Royal were under water. I haven't rode the entire Campion recently but I believe it. I saw some flooding the last time we got some good rains.

That's all folks!

Peace :)


  1. I am surprised at how green everything still looks! Most trees have lost all their leaves here.

  2. Michael,
    Good observation!

    I was surprised too, late last Fall, which was my first fall here. It is simply incredible. The weather here is very good for riding during Fall and Winter, not too cold.

    Peace :)


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