Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grapevine, Here we come!

On Saturday, I rode to Grapevine, Texas with my friend Shoaib. It was a great day to ride. We rode a total of 43 miles from my home in Irving to Grapevine and back. We rode some trails in Grapevine, near the Grapevine lake and I saw less concrete jungles and that was a great feeling.

I saw richer foliage and different colors along the way. This made my day. I love Fall. It is so nice to see leaves change colors. Here is a tree with rich colors!

On the way to Grapevine, there were little man-made lakes, such as this one, which were surrounded by nice vegetation.

We came across this Dodge truck, which had no windshield. It was a unique looking truck and I thought it deserved a picture. Which year I wonder!

The batteries of this ole truck were outside the truck. I haven't seen such trucks in a long time. I have seen lorries in India which had their batteries outside of them.

This truck hauled this interesting looking boat. I guess the boat was okay. It didn't look broken down or anything. I saw tons of trucks hauling big boats to the lake around here. Not very surprising, I presume!

Pictured is Shoaib's back. He is a strong rider! Up ahead of him, you can see the Gaylord Texan. That's a massive place. Shoaib tells me they have a great brunch on the weekends. Gotta check it out!

There are some cool camping sites near the Grapevine lake. The folks working at the campsite were awfully nice to let  us ride the campgrounds and check it out for ourselves. I am mighty tempted to check out this place on my first S240.

Here is a first look at a portion of the lake. The building pictured below is a lodge that one can rent for weekends and such. It had a great deck on it. I would love to rent this place for a weekend. I wonder how much it would cost...:)

Here is a scenic view of the Grapevine Lake. Lots of sailboats and motorized boats in this lake. I wonder if it is busy all year.

From this point on, we rode the several trails that are near the Grapevine Lake. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice networking of both the paved and Mountain bike trails in Grapevine. Great job, City of Grapevine!

Being a touristy town, downtown Grapevine was buzzing with tourists and holiday decorations. Along Main Street, there were bunches of little shops that sold different things like Cowboy Hats, Jewellery, Women's clothing, etc. Grapevine had the charm of a small town. I even saw a Polar Bear and some Penguins. They got'em all here in Texas, don't they?

Grapevine boasts really nice Christmas decorations! Here is a sample. I think this town would look great in the evenings when all the lights are lit up.

All that riding made us hungry and we chose to get a bite to eat at the Main Street Bread Baking Co. in Grapevine. This place had some good breads, pastries, decent coffee and great music (Arabic, French and Spanish)! It was a great Boulangerie and I would definitely recommend it!! I am so reminded of Return of The Pink Panther (with Peter Sellers) and Dr. Evil, every time I use the word Boulangerie.

Here is the scene from The Revenge of The Pink Panther.

And, here is Dr. Evil's great speech :)

After doing some serious researching of the menu, being a vegetarian, I chose the only Vegetarian sandwich available at this place. I am not complaining! There were breads, bagels, and pastries that I could have eaten, instead of a sandwich, but I was craving something other than just bread. Below is the menu:

This is the Open Face Veggie Sandwich I ordered. It was worth every penny! They layered this sucker with grilled Mushrooms, Zucchini, Eggplant, Red Bellpepper and topped it all off with some Gooda :) The sandwich came with a side of Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and a delicious wedge of a Pickle!

I found this map near the restroom at the eatery. I am really not sure what it is as much of it was written in French, which I can not understand after lunch :) But, the map was pretty and I decided it deserved a picture. May be one of my knowledgeable readers will be kind enough to enlighten me about this map!

Did you know the history of Grapevie? I did not know anything about it when I went there. Here is some fine reading for y'alls who are interested in this charming Texas town's history.

Image above courtesy of Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau.

After lunch, we rode back to Irving through Coppell. We rode around Coppell's bike trails a bit. Coppell also has a decent set of trails. Traffic in Coppel is still messy, if you ask me.

I thoroughly enjoyed riding to Grapevine. I would love to ride there again.

Peace :)


  1. With the scouting done, it sounds like an S24O is in your future.

  2. Looked like a really good time. 2 things: I want a friend named Shoaib, because that is one cool name. That tree looks like a possible entry for next year's first annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown! Keep it mind, man.

  3. Sounds like a fun ride ... and indeed, now you know a good S24O spot.

    I love the Pink Panther movies!

  4. Thanks, Chris, Rantwick and Apertome.

    Chris, I gotta follow in the footsteps of pros like you :)

    Rantwick, Shoaib can be your friend too. Come on down here and meet us all :)

    Michael: I might do my first camping in Grapevine. I gotta check the prices. Hopefully, the price ain't too much.

    Peace y'all :)


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