Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patio Camping!

As a brave explorer, last night Shaggy and I decided to check out the tent on our patio. One good thing about this tent is that it is easy enough to use even for a novice camper like me. Of course, Shaggy helped out a bit and that made things easier as well.

I would say it took me 10 minutes to setup the REI Half Dome 2 HC. The REI Trekker 1.75 Self-Inflating Mattress was a breeze to setup. I basically took it out the packaging and rolled it out. Then I blew some air into it with my mouth.

Last night was not a very cold night and it was not raining either. So, my initial impressions are more or less those of a novice as seen on a relatively normal day: 1) The tent was spacious enough for two people (1 human person and a 86  Pound Old English Sheep Dog Son). The 4-legged occupant did try to hog the sleeping bag. 2) There was not condensation inside the tent. 3) The inflatable mattress felt reasonably comfortable.

I will add more of my impressions as I test these products more.

Below is a picture of Shaggy and Lea checking out the new tent!

Peace :)


  1. I presume the bug netting did it's job as well. The four legged children must have been very pleased with the adventure.

  2. No condensation is huge. Looks like theres tons of mesh for the tent breathing well. I hate that clammy-dewy condensation feeling.

  3. Very cool! Looks like fun. Did you have the rain fly on overnight? If you are going to have condensation problems, it will probably be when you have the fly on. That said, yes, the tent looks very well ventilated, so you should be OK.


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