Saturday, December 12, 2009

White Rock Marathon

I am participating in the White Rock Marathon tomorrow. Our team is doing a 5-person relay and old bones will be walking a 5 mile leg. I am NOT a runner :)

The good part is that it is sponsored by my employer and this is a charity that benefits the Scotish Rite Hospital in Dallas.

There is more info about this event here.

I rode a few miles today, nothing big but just to ease back into the habit of riding! So, I guess I am back to riding (knock-on-wood)! I am looking forward to participating in the First Annual Fall Forty-Mile Country Path Ramble.

I am hoping the weather is great tomorrow like the forecast says.

Peace :)


  1. Good to hear you're back on the bike! Too bad you can't use ut for your 5 miles... have fun. I'm so pleased your ailments haven't knocked you out.

  2. Marathon? One of those hard men, eh? Take it easy on us next weekend.

  3. Hope it went well! My sister did the half-marathon and I was an active by-stander. Had lots of fun at the start, middle, and end!

  4. @Rantwick --- thanks. i feel like i IS back :)

    @chris --- i did a short walk (5 miles). it was enjoyable albeit a tad too cold. you guys should take it easy on me LOL!

    @eliot --- hi! it went well and i finished my 5 mile walk in like 74 minutes. i was quite impressed that ole bones could make it :)


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