Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Possibility or a Choice!

While I have talked about the many niceties of my Gikma, I have never mentioned one of the nicest features that Gikma has - the ability to function as a Single Speed bike, should the rear derailleur break or the rear derailleur hanger bend/break.

The Gikma comes equipped with dishless, symmetrically laced tandem rear wheel with a 145mm axle. The left side of the axle is thredded so that one can fit a freewheel on it.

While I have never had to do this (knock-on-wood), it is comforting to know that this option is available. While I was at REI today, I did look at a Shimano freewheel which was a potential candidate for this purpose. It looked like the one in the picture below.

Image above courtesy of

Folks, this is uncharted waters for me. I am hoping y'all will post enough comments that even I can figure this thing out in complete detail! I will conclude this post, on that note!

Peace :)

PS. As evident from the pictures of Gikma's axle, I guess there is still some dust on the bike gotten from the infamous Ramble :)


  1. I didn't notice any gears at all when I was at REI! As it was, the clothing section got all my money and I limited further oogling to the new bikes.

  2. That flip-flop hub really is a bonus! I have a hub like that on my fixed gear, and I have both a fixed fixed cog and a freewheel cog. I like the fixed cog much better, but the bike took a while getting used to, since the pedals and the wheel are locked together. If you like to coast while you ride, definitely use the freewheel cog.

    You'll also need to figure which gear to put your rear derailleur in, and remember not to shift when you are in single speed mode!

  3. Bill --- Thanks for your comment.

    I certainly will have to figure our which gear to put my rear derailleur in and remember not to shift if I am using this freewheel. I wonder if there is a way to disable the shifting process to fool-proof it.

    I haven't figured out how big I want the freewheel to be and I have to see what my options are.

    So, this is what they call a flip-flop hub, eh? I have heard the term before but quite honestly I did not know I had a flip-flop thingy.

    @Steve --- The shop has the cogs and such in the back sometimes. I honestly do not remember if they had a 23 tooth cog or not. If you happen to go there again, ask the bike shop guys. I find that Jerry and Michael are particularly helpful.

  4. Hi,

    I have a few comments.

    It is easy to put a single speed freewheel on your bike. It is also easy to limit the rear derailleur if you do so you don't shift on to gears you don't have by adjusting the limit screws on the derailleur. This can also be useful if the derailleur is not working and you want to limit the derailleur to a single cog (e.g. if the cable is broken and you want a large cog so you can ride home).

    I've seen directions for beginners with lots of photos on

    Your bike is not designed for a fixed gear - there is no threading for a lock nut.

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  6. @Stephen,
    Thank you for your detailed reply. I will get a freewheel and put it on the Gikma. Can't wait to test out the new option!

    Peace :)


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