Monday, January 25, 2010

I love "Bugs"

Another great day in DFW and I rode to work! How much better can it get?

Oh, did I tell ya I love "Bugs"? Not the insects. I meant the Bug from Arkel. My Bug has carried loads of stuff to work and other places. It is still going strong. I love you, Bug!

The Bug is one of the panniers out there. It is practically bulletproof. I carry my laptop, change of clothes and my tool kit in it every time I ride Gikma to work. The Bug is an extremely well-made pannier and it is made in Rantwick land.

All my panniers are Arkel. I wouldn't even dream of buying another kind as I am really satisfied with Arkel's quality and workmanship. Also, it is made in a country which respects human and animal rights :)

Peace :)


  1. Looks like a great pannier ... but, doing a quick search, they sure are expensive! I don't think I could pay $180 for one pannier.

  2. Michael,
    These guys are not cheap! But I believe in buying good quality stuff that last a long time. Part of the reason it is pricey might also be due to the fact that it is not made in China.

    Peace :)


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