Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remembering the Fallen!

Well, it was a slow day today! I worked mostly indoors, on PCs, laptops, on Shaggy and did not ride. This gave me bit of time to think about things and about a comment someone made yesterday. Mind you this person is a cyclist. The comment was, "In Texas, if you ride on the roads, you WILL get killed; they will run you over".

It made me think a bit more than usual and about cyclists killed on the roads.

Here is to those great fallen cyclists - RIP y'all!

Now, the rest of us, let's be careful out there!

Peace :)


  1. Yes, please be careful out there.

  2. Your cyclist friend is making stuff up. Has he ever been run over riding on the roads? In truth, there are so few cyclists that actually ride ON the roads that we can't really say. I can't cite a single example where a cyclist in Texas, or anyplace else, controlling his/her lane was run over by a motorist that wasn't severely impaired. Can you?

    On the other hand, I have no doubt that if it were true, that John Forester would not be an old man.

  3. It is the same in Louisiana. If you ride you will be hit. It's not just bicycle riders it holds true for pedestrians as well.
    I believe the government of the people is much to blame. Everything to do with transportation is for cars. In fact everything to do with living is for cars with little regard for the people.
    When someone is hit here the worry seems to be about how much damage was done to the car.
    Driving does not make me safer so I'll keep doing what I do until I can't.
    RIP to our fallen as well.

  4. @Steve, BigOak and LA-Gentleman,
    Thank you for your comments.

    I know, understand and agree with what you are saying. While I do not want to give away any details about this "cyclist", I was simply taken aback by the lack of a non-data-driven decision made by this gentleman, who is Harvard educated.

    I will keep riding until they outlaw it or until it becomes a physical impossibility.

    Peace :)

  5. Under the influence of mythology and the amygdala, very smart people think, say and do very dumb things. It will be such with cyclists until we rescue the bicycle from the cultural bias against it.

  6. Yes, be careful. I'll ride on the ride because it goes where I want to go.


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