Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rido Numero Uno of 2010

Today (1/2/2010) was a great day to ride in DFW. I did not ride on New Years Day. Today I rode to REI Dallas and back. Got honked at twice, once on Valley Ranch Parkway and once on Valley View Lane (near Alpha). The first honker was a minivan driver and the second honker was a Acura RSX driver. I think the second one trying to let me know he/she was driving in the adjacent lane - perhaps a little "Hiya! I am over here, right next to you?". I had no clue why the minivan honked. Oh well :)

On my way to REI, I saw this motorcyclist down LOL! There might have been a battery issue :)

While at REI, I had a chat with their Customer Service about my dissatisfaction with the Patagonia Men's Active Boxer Brief's durability. I bought a pair in May 2009. It had developed close to five holes before the end of December 2009. For a pair of underwear/shorts costing $29, I expected a bit more longevity. The folks at REI were nice enough to let me return the defective pair for a brand new pair of Ex-Officio  Boxer Briefs. I hope these last a while!

Please don't get me wrong. I like Patagonia's products, ones made in the USA, like my Patagonia Capilene 3 Long-Sleeve Zip T (pictured below in its full glory).

Image above courtesy of

I bought my Zip T in 2007 and it is still going strong! This Zip T is quite warm and wicks moisture very well. I use it as a baselayer when it gets cold (40 and below). I also use it as a jersey at times.

On my way back, I saw this handsome friend playing along the Trinity river. The beauty of nature, so wonderful, so grand compared to everything else!

Thank you, Mother Nature, for your bounty!

Peace :)

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