Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Dog :)

Shaggy when he was barely a year old! He still loves the snow though we don't see much of it in my new home of TX.

Peace :)


  1. This brought back to me a cherished memory of a dog named Bess. She was named Bess because my faithful girl sidekick and I witnessed a couple of substandard kids deposit her in a trash can as a not yet weaned puppy. That was the day Bess Truman died. I fished her out and we raised her to be one of most outstanding dogs I have ever known. Living in Southern California at the time she also had little snow but how she loved it. Whenever we would visit Big Bear she would seek out an pile of snow for her nap.
    She has gone now to the great snow bank in the sky. She lived her life in the company of her mistress who was even more in awe of her than I.

  2. @LA_Gentleman: Very nice story and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    I think people can be very cruel to animals sometimes. I heard a piece on NPR this morning, on Diane Rehm ( The kind of stuff that people do to animals for vanity/recreation is sickening.

    I am very happy that there are some people like you who are kind to all. Bless your heart!

    Peace :)

  3. @Steve,
    Don't let the good looks fool ya :)


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