Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Ride To Athens!

My friend Shoaib and I rode 60 (59.6 to be precise) miles today. We rode country roads from Canton to Athens, TX. We had to take several Farm-To-Market (FM) roads in that part of the world and some of them were similar to the ones in the Ramble.

The original plan was to ride from Canton to Palestine and back, if all went well.

We were not sure of the weather and how bad riding back in the dark on those FM roads will be in the dark. Plus, we got lost a few times and lost some valuable time.

So, we cut the trip in half, but we did have a blast.

During today's ride, I found many cool things to photograph.

First one that caught my eye was this immense Live Oak tree.
Worth every pixel was this way-too-cool Mailbox! Whadya think?
At the Martin Mills General Store, we found this very unique Love Seat!
There there was the antique tractor of which Shoaib took a picture. I will post it soon as he sends me a copy.

Lessons learned during today's ride:
  1. Road bikes have a purpose. They are not at all suitable for randonneuering on country roads where one might encounter lots of gravel.
  2. Hunting dogs like American Bloodhound can run very fast, faster than a panicked bicyclist can.
  3. Having a GPS can be a blessing in the country!
  4. Not all FM roads have are marked with signs.
  5. Dogs do listen when you yell STOP!

Question for my readers:
How do you deal with chasing dogs in the country? Thanks in advance!

Peace :)

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