Thursday, February 11, 2010


That's right! It snowed pretty much all day, on and off. There was accumulation, 9.4 inches, in all. Apparently, this is new record for NTX.
My truck is my witness that it snowed a bunch! All week, except today, I rode Meera to work. Today, I took Gikma, as I wasn't sure of Meera's touchy brakes. I don't work at a drive-thru :)
The traffic had died down as I headed into work.
Some people didn't make it to work today, because of the snow. We were advised to leave at 15:00 hours. How'bout that? One thing to note is that my work doesn't get done even if I leave early. I just get to do it from home before the next day :) View from our 2nd floor garage where I park my bike!
On the way back, I took a slight detour and decided to check out the Campion Trail. It was fun to ride through the trail as much of it had been plowed. The bridges had some accumulated snow on them and I did slip twice. I didn't fall off the bike, luckily! See Rantwick, I haven't lost my training from Ontario yet :)
Campion Trail in all its wintry glory!
With all the snow, this part of the Campion Trail almost like Tower Grove park in St. Louis!
The parking lot at Campion Trail had a few cars parked. I saw one jogger and a bunch of human footsteps. I felt I wasn't alone :)
Yours truly!
I am looking forward to riding again tomorrow. Hopefully, all the snow and slush won't freeze! We shall see!

Peace :)

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