Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meera takes a trip!

I took Meera out today. We rode to REI Dallas and back. I wanted a professional bicycle mechanic's opinion of the "road worthiness" of the bike. I went to see my friend Jerry @ REI Dallas for the same. Jerry has been a constant source of help with bicycles. Meera and I took a surprise gift along to Jerry.
What can I say, she was loaded!
I took some of the accessories from my Cannondale T-800 and added them to Meera. I plan to use Meera as a commuter.
Having not really prepped the bike for a 20 odd mile ride, I had to stop often to make sure all the parts were still on the bike. My biggest fear was that I would crash, not having good braking power. I made it to REI without any incidents.
I have to admit that I am still getting used to the idea of seeing green in January/February.
I wasn't sure what these flowers were but them sure was pretty. I decided to stop and smell these "roses".
Meera posting prettily in front of the flower bed.
Another photo op and I didn't want to miss it :)
A nice Nutcase! I have never seen a Nutcase Urban Caution in person before. I couldn't try this particular helmet on. It was a Little Nutty, a kid's helmet.
At REI, I saw some new folders. I couldn't help taking photos of this rather nice looking folder by Novaro. I read somewhere that Dahon makes the folders for REI. The Novara FlyBy pictured below uses a 7-speed Shimano Nexus hub.
The only other folder that I saw in the store, at REI, was a Dahon Eco. It is a relatively inexpensive bike. I didn't pay particular attention to the parts. I think I have seen the Dahon Mu Uno at REI Dallas.
While I was at REI, my friend Jerry made sure that Meera was road worthy. He showed me how to lube the SA 3-speed IGH using Phil's Tenacious Oil. We also lubed all the cables, greased the seat post, steering tube, etc.

After lubing all the parts, especially the brake cables, braking seems to have improved. It may be necessary to get the SA 3-speed IGH serviced.

But then, there is a time and place for everything. Know what I mean?

Peace :)

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