Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Thorn in the mail is better than a thorn in the tire!

While I haven't named or completed all of the assembly the new addition yet, here is a sneak peek!
 Peek-a-boo! Underneath all that packaging lies a Thorn Nomad MK2! Phenomenal packaging job by Thorn! Bravo!!
 I see you!
Time to take the pieces out and lay'em on. Brooks B17 and front fork with SKS P65 Chromoplastic fenders and Thorn front rack!
Hey, where is the rest of my frame?
Goody bag with extra zipties, my Tshirt, skewer, spacers etc!
Where is the other half of the frame and why is the frame in two pieces? :)
I get it now. This is how you put together a S&S equipped frame! I simply hand-tightened the couplers before using the special S&S tool provided by Thorn!
After hand-tightening the S&S Couplers and attaching the two pieces of the frame, I had to ask for help from my beloved wife. She held the fork while I attached it to the frame.
Then, I attached the handlebar to the bike. Much of this was prepped by Thorn and I simply tightened some nuts and bolts!
Time for the Shimano PD-MX30 DX ATB Flat Pedals!
Pedals Installed!
Schmidt 32 hole dynamo hub!
Brooks B-17, nice and shiny! Yet to be broken!
Close-up of the S&S couplers!
Busch and Muller rear dynamo-powered StopLight attached to the heavy-duty Thorn rear rack!
Shimano Deore brakes with Swissstop blue brake pads for the Andra CSS wheels!
Tungsten Carbide coated Andra CSS wheels!
Ergon GC-3 grips for added comfort on the Thorn Comfort Handlebars!
Schwalbe Maraton Extreme HS402 Folding Tires - 26 x 2.25!
And, to top it all off, a black Rohloff 14 speedhub!
I still have to make sure I installed the brakes, fork correctly. I think I got the Rohloff cablebox installed correctly. It shifts properly! In addition to this, I will have to make sure I properly connect the cables to the dynamo and the rear light and if need be crimp the cable ends.

This how much I could assemble, given I have never really assembled a modern day bike from ground-up!

I will post more about this bike in the coming days after I have actually ridden it --- no I did not ride it tonight as I was not sure I have the brakes installed properly. Moreover, it was way too late to be riding the new ride before all things checked-out.

I will take the bike to work tomorrow where I have a great coworker who has promised to look over my installation and make sure it is all good!

Can't wait to ride this baby!

Now it is time to read the owners' manuals for Rohloff, Thorn Nomad and Schmitt Dynamo and the lights!

Peace :)

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