Friday, March 19, 2010

Nutcase Union Jack Helmet

I bought my UVEX helmet on ebay in 2007. It has been used quite a bit and I still like it. But I know I have dropped it a bunch of times and I wonder if the critical features of that helmet have already been compromised.

I picked up the Nutcase Union Jack helmet at REI Dallas last night. I especially like it as the colors are bright and I hope they make me more visible on the road. It fits quite well, for a BMX type lid, and I like the fun design. The real dealbreaker would be if a) if I get tired of the Union Jack design too soon, and/or b) I can't fit all my lights and my rear-view mirror on it. We shall see!
BTW, Nutcase makes a bunch of really cool designs. They offer what I consider a break from the traditional helmet designs. Nutcase also offer a "Patriot" design, which has the colors of the American Flag.
Peace :)

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