Friday, March 19, 2010


Went to REI tonight and picked up a bunch of camping related stuff. All except the camp cooking gear is from REI Dallas. Goodies are pictured below:
Goodies pictured above include:
  1. MSR Fuel bottle
  2. Clikstand Sawtooth Combo
  3. Marmot Sawtooth +15 Sleeping bag in a dry bag
  4. Denatured Alcohol
  5. Trangia Alcohol Stove (part of 2)
  6. Nutcase Union Jack Helmet
I was gonna check out the gear tonight on the patio, but it looks like it might rain cats and dogs. So, I am holding off till tomorrow night to check out the sleeping bag in my tent.

May be Shaggy will join me. Well, I think if I told him I will fix breakfast when I wake up Sunday morning, he will! I will try to cook something with the Trangia stove and see how that goes. I have never done this sorta thing before. So, I am quite excited to say the least!

Another project I have to work on involves setting up the Nutcase Union Jack helmet like my old UVEX Helmet. I will only keep the Nutcase Union Jack helmet if it works well, obviously!

Stay tuned for further tests and critiques!

Peace :)

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