Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tres ciclistas y sus bicicletas!

Today, three cyclistas, Yours Truly, Saman and Sothea, rode to the outskirts of South Lake and back from my home.

It was a different kinda ride. The three bicycles were different. I rode Gikma. Saman rode his Surly Steamroller Fixed-gear bike which has no brakes. Sothea rode his Specialized Mountain bike.

Here are some pictures of the bikes!

Saman's spiffy Steamroller, with a nice Brooks B-17. This ain't no run-off-the-mill fixed-gear. Saman picked some really components for this bike. Chris King Headset for instance!
Sothea's rugged Specialized Mountain bike with serious off-road tires (26x2.10)! It is an excellent bike for the single track.
We had a great time on this trip and learned the following lessons:
  1. A fixie without front brakes is not an ideal bike for riding on hilly roads. Dove road which I take to ride to Roanoke, TX, is the same route we took today. It was a tough one for Saman because of the hills and no brakes.
  2. Rolling resistance is real, especially when you have mountain bike tires.
  3. Bikes with shocks in the front might are really great for Single Track but not necessarily for paved surfaces.
  4. Headwind kicks some serious butt.
  5. 26 miles, lots of laughs and camaraderie is not something you can buy with MC.
A nice video to celebrate today's great joyous ride!

And, the three ciclistas from this post!

Special thanks to Saman and Sothea for the photographs used in this post!
Peace :)

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