Monday, April 12, 2010

Nice Carrier!

Yesterday, I drove my Thorn Nomad MK2 to run a quick errand at Wally World. Soon after I left Wally World, I remembered that Shaggy and Lea needed some food. I was not sure I was well-equipped for carrying a 40 LB bag of dog food back home on the Thorn Nomad MK2. I had the Arkel Tail Rider Trunk Bag on the rear rack and the front rack is better suited for carrying panniers and not for carrying objects atop it.

I had two bungee cords in the Arkel Tail Rider Trunk Bag. I figured I would get a rope from PetSmart if I really needed to tie the bag of food down more securely than securing it with the two bungees I had. However, I wasn't quite sure how to carry the Arkel Tail Rider Trunk Bag and the bag of dog food on the same carrier with only two bungees.

Unlike the last time, when I rode Gikma to PetSmart and parked it inside the store while I went fetching for dog food, this time around, I strolled into the store with my bike and while curious employees were wondering what to do with the biker dude, I went straight to the dog food section, grabbed what I needed and within the next 3 minutes I was in the checkout line. The cashier who checked me out was quite nice and asked if I was gonna be okay carrying that big bag of dog food on my bike. I said I should be fine. However, I also added that I would leave the bag of food with them and bring a different bike to carry it back home, should the Thorn Nomad be unable to accommodate it.

It turned out that carrying the 40 LB bag of dog food and the Arkel Tail Rider Trunk Bag both atop the Thorn Expedition Rear Rack was a breeze. The Thorn Expedition Rear Rack has many holes in the arms that attach to the seat-stay. I basically attached the bungee cords to it, wrapped them around the bag of dog food and them hooked the other ends to the posts of the carrier that attach to the chain-stay. Please refer to the picture below for more details.
I simply looped the velcro straps that affix the Arkel Tail Rider Trunk Bag to the rear carrier through bungee cords and that took care of that.

While this might seem fairly simple to some experts, it required some thinking-on-my-feet and I was quite happy with the solution I came up with.

I truly appreciate good workmanship and good design. I have to give the Thorn Expedition Rear Rack a high rating for a very smart design. I am sure the rack is quite sturdy and I will give it my own true field-test rating after I have tested its durability. Many a bicycle tourist who has had the pleasure of a Thorn Expedition Rear Rack has already rated it and you may find some of their reviews online.

By the way, the rear plate (onto which the rear Busch-Muller light is attached) of the Thorn Expedition Rear Rack got a bit scratched in transit from England. I pointed this out to Thorn and they sent me a replacement plate right away, without any fuss. Thorn offer good customer service!

Peace :)

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