Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post-work Workout!

I don't always get to ride after work. Today was my lucky day! I actually got out around 1830 and drove Gikma to Campion Trails for a post-work workout. The trail was pretty empty except for a few cyclists and pedestrians. I wondered if that was because of the possibility of T-Storms.

These are some looking apartments that have been spruced-up recently. I think they were built in 2008, if my memory serves me right. I wonder if all units are occupied. I seldom see any sign of life in these buildings.
One interesting feature of the Campion is the little miniature single track that runs alongside the paved trail. Unfortunately, it is not very long, may be a mile or two, tops. But it offers those wanting to stay away from the traffic on the main paved portion of the trail. I decided to ride on it today just so I can pretend I rode some epic single-track like Michael at Apertome :)
Yes, the miniature single-track ends way too soon. I need to ride some unpaved trails soon. Will it happen over the weekend? May be. My friend Shoaib and I might drive to Lake Ray Roberts and ride the Greenbelt trail there. I hear one can ride about 40 miles in this area. I have never been there and am pretty stoked about the possibility.
I got a total of 11.49 miles in after work. On the way back I saw a whole bunch of unruly kids with their clueless Scout Master riding their bikes on the trail in the most unruly manner. The Scout Master was in fact parked right smack in the center of the trail and yakking away with some other Scout "leaders". What's with these new-age teachers, huh? Whatever happened to keeping the kids under control or has that become Politically Incorrect or some such crap?

By the way I saw this bike rack that needs more bikes parked in it.
How was your day?

Peace :)

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