Sunday, April 11, 2010

Travelling Miles to see Amigo Myles!

Yesterday, after my Swimming Class, I rode the TRE to go see Myles and the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth. Myles has also posted on this topic in really great detail. Please check out Myles' post here.

I got to the TRE station in West Irving well ahead of time. My train wasn't until 1050.
I reached the T&P Station at 1120 hours. Soon as I got out the station, Myles made it there, right on time.
While I like where I live in Irving, I have to admit I like the many fine features of Ft. Worth. It has the flair of an older city. I liked St. Louis for that reason, until crime started getting on my nerves, especially in the City of St. Louis. Some buildings in Ft. Worth reminded me of good ole Saint Louis!
The bicycles posed well for a photo! Myles' bike is leaned-up against the wall.
We rode a little bit and walked the rest of the way (< 1/2 mile) to the bike Corral. I was initially reluctant to leave my Thorn Nomad there but after I met the people who were gonna take care of my bike, I relaxed a bit. Their professionalism instilled confidence in me.
There were lots of booths with different types of art exhibits, ranging from paintings, handmade jewelery, leather goods, photographs and other fine pieces of art. This one painting of a guy on a tall buy caught my eye!
The event was very much family oriented. There was even rock climbing for the kids! There was my personal favorite, Kettle Corn, among other goodies. There were a fair number of booths selling vegetarian-friendly foods as well.
In the middle of it all, I saw this Panther sleeping on a slab of concrete. No wonder, they call Fort Worth, "Panther City".
Then, all of a sudden, there was this cool cyclist, who talked the big panther to pose for a photo. Oh, Hi Myles!
I befriended a bunch of friends of Shaggy who were visiting the arts festival. I mistook this Irish Wolfhound pup for a Anatolian Shepherd. Shame on me, they don't even look alike, what was I thinking? I guess I need to retake Dog Breeds 101. Oh, this Irish Wolfhound pup was only two years old. These guys do not live very long, 5-10 years or so is there average longevity :(
After checking out the booths and the crowd, Myles and I decided to go get some lunch. We rode to lunch from the arts festival. It was not a long ride, about 4 miles or so. We came across this fancy Steak Restaurant on the way back to the bike corral. Not that this place particularly made me hungry or anything, but the prices made me curious. $46 for a steak! I guess it is okay if you like fine dining.
For lunch, we went to the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth. I have been to one of them in Oak Cliff. They are exclusively vegan and their food is simply very delicious. They offer a very nice all you can eat Pancake brunch on the weekends. They serve real Maple Syrup, know what I mean? :)

For lunch, I ordered the Hot Hummus Wrap! Delicious, yummy, goodness! It is a sizable amount of food for lunch. I washed it off with some fine H2O.
After lunch, using Myles' crystal clear directions, I rode back to St. Louis (I mean the street) and onto TRE.
It was a great day to be out, ride a bit, meet a friend, eat some good food and most importantly take a break from work and the computer.

How was your weekend?

Peace :)

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