Sunday, May 2, 2010

Click-Stand Max Review!

Recently, I ordered a Click-Stand Max for the Thorn Nomad MK2. There are different types of Click-Stand. I got the Click-Stand Max which is recommended for Tandems and Touring Bikes.

My Click-Stand Max came in the mail last week and I didn't get a chance to actually test it until today. While today's test was not one involving a loaded touring bike, it was testing my expedition touring bike with the Arkel TailRider on it.
Here is a list of things I about the Click-Stand Max I wanted to learn first-hand.
  1. Is it really easy to use?
  2. How well does it support the bike?
  3. How easy is it to carry?
Here are my observations:

Ease of Use
  • The Click-Stand is really easy to use. All you have to do is to unfold the Click-Stand and place your bike's top tube in the U-shaped portion of the Click-Stand.
  • Attach the Brake-Bands. I personally recommend using both the Brake-Bands on both brakes, especially if your bike is a heavier one, such as a touring bike.
  • Voila' - you are done!
Stability of the Click-Stand
I tested the stability of the Click-Stand by parking my bike with it on a paved surface and also on a non-paved grassy area. In both areas the Click-Stand supported my bike very well. It was not a very windy day but I was out in the open where there was a bit of a strong breeze and that did not affect the Click-Stand's stability. As I mentioned earlier, I will test the Click-Stand when my bike is loaded as well.

Easy to Carry?
The Click-Stand is very easy to carry along. The Click-Stand is very light weight (approximately 100 grams for the Click-Stand Max, perhaps the heaviest of all Click-Stand products). The Click-Stand folds really compactly (approximately 10" in length). While the manufacturer offers an elegant solution (widget) that facilitates attaching the Click-Stand to your bike, I simply stuck it in my Arkel TailRider.
So far, I am very satisfied with the Click-Stand Max and I give it a Thumbs-Up!

Peace :)

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