Monday, May 24, 2010

Oak Cliff, here I come!

On Saturday 5/22/2010, I rode to Oak Cliff, just for the heck of it. Why not, it was a great day to ride like any other day! My bike computer registered 56 miles or so.

I saw this flower bush near Marsh. I am not sure what kind it is. I thought it might be a Oleander, but I am not sure. Anybody?
I stopped at REI Dallas to use the facilities and to fill-up my water bottles. They had a 20% off sale going on and the place was packed. I got out of there in a heartbeat so I can be out during the nice sunny part of the day. However, I did stop to check out the merchandise on my way back. BTW, check out the cool Raleigh in the picture with rod brakes and all, just like my dad's.
Out on Northaven Road, I saw this nice bike parked right on the driveway. It was heartening to see a bike parked outside without anybody keeping an eye on it or locking it up. In my old neck of the woods, St. Louis city, this bike would have been "repossessed" by someone else, just like that.
From Airline and Mockingbird, I rode the KT Trail to get to  Victory Park. The trail was busy with lots of bicyclist and pedestrians. Lots of dogs, YES!
The tail-end of the KT trail near Victory Park is pictured below. I think they are protecting the wildflowers on the trail, which I think is great. Texas has some amazing wildflowers. You can see more pictures of Texas wildflowers here and here.
My landlord in St. Louis was very nice. He let his tenants have as many animals as they wanted to as long as they took care of them and the flat. I see the trend in renting is taking a positive turn. This is great news for pet owners, especially if they happened to own a large pet and had to rent.
The reflection of the clouds in the water caught my eye. Plus, the statue was a fine one too.
I believe this is Houston street just a block or two before getting on the Houston Street Viaduct!
Downtown Dallas from the Houston Street Viaduct. The Houston Street Viaduct is quite a beautiful one. I like this part of Dallas. In my humble opinion, the Houston Street Viaduct connects the very nice, rustic parts of Dallas with its modern downtown. There is more information about the Houston Street Viaduct, here.
Yet another view of downtown Dallas from the Houston Street Viaduct!
A view of Dallas's umpteen highways from the viaduct.
If you ride south on Jefferson after the Houston Street Viaduct, it takes you into Oak Cliff. I like the historic parts of Oak Cliff. They remind me of St. Louis, especially the City. Pictured here is the interior of Spiral Diner, one of my favorite eateries in the DFW metro. The bikes you see parked are the bikes of the employees. I secured mine to the dedicated bike rack using my Kryptonite New York LS.
They always have some really cool dishes at Spiral Diner. Here is their menu, check it out! BTW, cute kitty!
For lunch, I ordered the Parmigiana Wrap. It added a bit of color to my day, shall we say? :)
The outside of Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff. Very nice indeed!
Spiral Diner is at intersection of Beckley and Zang in Oak Cliff. In the distance, you can see the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas.
After my scrumptious lunch, I rode to the Bishop Arts district in Oak Cliff. There are a few nice stores on Bishop Ave. Of particular interest to me was The Epiphany Boutique. I bought myself a BFOC T Shirt from there. If you rode your bike to The Epiphany Boutique, you get 10% off BFOC merchandise. The shop is quite interesting and they sell some really cool clothing. You should check it out if your travels take you to Bishop!
The Trinity river as seen from the Zand street bridge!
Another view of Dallas Skyline, this time from the Zand Street bridge :)
After my exploration of Oak Cliff, I rode back to Irving, with a quick stopover at REI Dallas to check out the sale merchandise. Pictured below is Hwy 635, which is busy much of the time. Boy was I glad I wasn't driving :)
Hope your weekend was a fun one!

Peace :)

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