Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arkel Handlebar Bag Mounts --- Instalación en bicicleta el número dos!

The Arkel Handlebar Bag Mounts are easy to install and use. I am no techie and even I got'em done! Here is the finished product, setup on bike#2, my Cannondale T-800.
Here us how the handlebar bag was setup on Gikma, bike#1. Snug as a bug!

I did have some trouble making the Arkel Handlebar bag transfer from my setup in bike#1 to the newly setup Handlebar Mounts on bike#2 (pictured above). This was simply because I wasn't patient. Remember friends, Haste Makes Waste!

I got rid of my troubles by being patient and also by using some lube on the mounts, which made the bag move up and down them things like knife through butter, ever-so-smooth.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Read the instructions that came with the bag. If not, you can get a electronic copy from Arkel.
  2. I am assuming that many who buy these Handlebar Mounts alone are wanting a second pair of mounts for a 2nd bike, so they don't have to buy a second bag; simply transfer the bag from bike#1 to bike#2.
  3. If you are doing what's described in #2 above, then, a) make sure you have a working setup on bike#1. Follow the instructions to a tee. b) Install the Mounts on bike#2. Do NOT tighten the bolts completely, just yet. c) Lube the newly installed mounts. d) Slowly slide the bag onto the newly installed mounts. e) After getting the bag on the newly installed mounts, NOW, tighten those bolts so the mounts are secured.

You need to be patient installing these things. Brute force will only make you crabby, so let loose a bit and get back at it when you are relaxed. You will be happy you did and you will have a fantastic setup!

Peace :)

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