Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I rode to work today. Having not ridden since last Tuesday, I was getting the itch. I had some family visiting from overseas who live on the other side of town. I visited with them all of last week during my lunch hour. I had to get to places quick last week, or so was my excuse!

It was a milder day today, not terribly hot like last week. When I rode to work this afternoon, I got rained on a bit. I was so happy I got rained on. I intentionally did not take my rain gear with me. I simply wanted to soak it all in.

Tomorrow, I have to go to South Lake. If I wake up on time, I will ride to the off-site meeting. I hope to get up early.

What's new with y'all?

Peace :)

PS. I didn't keep the Nutcase Union Jack helmet. I bought the "Urban Caution" instead. I think this is a keeper :)

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