Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First S24O

On Sunday (5/30/2010), I drove to Fort Worth to join a group of 28 other cyclists in what would be my first ever S24O. This event was organized by Trinity Bicycles. Thanks, Bernie et al.

My original plan was to ride my loaded Thorn Nomad MK2 to Fort Worth. However, I changed my mind after riding to Fort Worth the day before. To reach my campsite from Trinity Bicycles, it was a 20 mile or so ride. It was simply too hot for me to ride 50 miles, in all (30+20). I will attempt these sorta rides when it is cooler.

There were some really cool bicycles there and some cool riders. People was hauling all types of stuff, including kids and dogs.

Here is Bernie checking last minute emails before hitting the road!
Peeps admiring a front carrier rack! This lady was nice enough to give me some ice when I needed it the most. Thank you, thank you!
We are on our way, we are on our way, way to the campsite... ... ..... ......!
We rode mostly nice and slow. There was some younguns who rode ahead of the rest of the old geezers such as myself :)
Fort Worth has some really nice trails. I enjoy riding in Fort Worth more than I enjoy riding in Dallas. Fort Worth has some really nice rustic quality to it.
One of the first few breaks on our way. I used this opportunity to cool off a bit. Did I mention the sun was blazing hot hot hot? This might have been pretty much where much of the shaded part of the trail ended.
On the trail again! It's hot, hot, hot. We are on the trail again!!
I always see a crane in one of these crossover parts along the Trinity. This must be a hot spot for you know what :) I saw a guy just like this one on my return trip as well.
One of the dad's on the ride attaching his kid's bike to his Kona Ute. The pannier bags on this bike were quite nice!
And then all of a sudden the trail was barricaded by pirates! One of them can be seen checking out his victims from behind the barricade. He looked just like a pirate, minus the eye-patch! Oh, Hi Bryan :)
Zoom in and you shall see the directions tell the bicyclists to obey the rules of the road! I feel nobody should be allowed to break the law, at least under ideal conditions!
McNair and I pulled over here to wait for the couple who was hauling a fully-loaded bike and two dogs in dog trailers. And, out of nowhere, the skies opened up and it poured like cats and dogs. I was thoroughly soaked from head to toe. I had my N900 in my shirt pocket, in a little Arkel Raincover pouch. I thought the rain might have damaged it, but luckily not. But soon the sun came out and things got better. My socks didn't dry and I had to air dry'em overnight. No biggie! I had a river shirt and ExOfficio shorts on. They both dried in no time. I didn't put on the pannier rain covers until the very last minute. The contents of the panniers were bone dry. YES!
On the road again! The trailer pictured did not have any tires on it. It made a bunch of noise but I suppose it did the job!
We finally made it to our campsite. Yippee!
I was in for a big surprise when I opened up my tent. I had forgotten to bring the tent poles. Rats! Luckily, one of the guys had enough string with him and I managed to find a pair of trees close enough to string my tent to. So, here is my tent. I lucked out. It was not windy that night and there was no rain :) Lesson learned: Do not remove the tent poles and stakes from the tent bag.
After setting up the tent, it was time to prepare my first-ever camp cooking experience. I have been camping once before but the host did all of the cooking and I didn't have to lift a finger. This time around, it was time for me to test my Trangia stove and my Clickstand Sawtooth kit. This nice feller happened by and then it was time to get cooking :) Oh, Hi Michael !
I took some pre-prepared Indian Vegetable curry with me. It was microwaveable food but I cooked it on the Trangia Stove. The stove was relatively easy to use, even though I didn't test it until I got to camp. The pots worked great. They were non-stick and very easy to wash with the little water I had in my water bottle.
The Trangia stove - posing for the photo. Atop the stove is the widget that controls the flame level; so, you can indeed put it on simmer. The magazine next to the stove is my most recent edition of Bicycle Quarterly, which unfortunately got drenched a bit. I kept it next to the campfire and soon the mag was hot off the press :)
Met my friend Lamar at the camp! It is a small world, indeed!!
I secured my bike to one of the poles at the pavilion; locked the frame to the pole using my Kryptonite U-Lock. I used a two other cable locks to secure the front and the rear wheels. While some might say it was overkill, I wasn't taking no chances.
McNair programming his geocaches!
The campgrounds also accomodated RVs. There were a bunch of them with Satellite dishes and all the jazz!
Bernie's Surly, all pink and really cool looking!
The next morning: Look closely and you shall see all of the S24O tents!
I wasn't quite sure what this bug was but he sure was an interesting one!
It was time to hit the road! Bernie giving his bike a once-over!
While I didn't venture out to the lake, some peeps did.
Last break before getting to Fort Worth and ...
Lunch at Papa Chang! Lots of vegetarian choices and choices for meat lovers as well!!
I had a blast on my first S24O and I can't wait to do one more, soon as it cools down a bit! I hope your long weekend was a fun one too.

Peace :)

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