Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Little Toy Story!

I got the idea for a new 8 Gb Sansa Clip+ mp3 player from my online-friend Stu. Well, not just that I also ended up buying a X-Mini Speaker with it. The way I carry these on my bike is a adhoc setup. I may improve it if I feel the need for it. For now, I don't have any problems with this setup.
Here are some things I love about this setup:
  1. Both Clip+ and the X-mini have built-in rechargeable batteries
  2. Clip+ has a long battery life (15 hours according to Sandisk)
  3. X-Mini has a reasonably long battery life as well
  4. Clip+ has a FM tuner
  5. Clip+ can take an additional 32 Gb micro SD memory card, if need be
  6. Clip+ can hold about 1500-2000 songs or so.
  7. Both Clip+ and X-Mini are small in size but work remarkably well
  8. Both Clip+ and X-Mini are relatively cheap
  9. X-Mini is loud enough to be heard when riding a bicycle (I had to turn it down a notch or two later in the evening, when I rode through some really quiet neighborhoods)
I still have to figure out a way to waterproof the entire setup. I am working on it.

What is your Toy Story?

Peace :)

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