Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please ride with your kid(s)!

I especially love riding around parks and trails with my kid. We try to do it as often as we can. Whenever I see a mom or a dad ride with their kids, it brightens my day.

You know what else is great about riding with our kids? We can teach them how to ride properly, how to be safe on the trail/road, and most importantly how to stay in shape while having fun. I am a big proponent of trying to stay in shape. I am not talking super skinny, 6-pack abs kinda thing. I am simply talking about getting out there, having fun and burning some calories while at it!
So, please do me a favor! If you got time to ride with your kids this weekend, this week, this month, this year, whenever you can, just do it! If you don't got one of your own, be kind and offer to ride with a kid whose parents may not have the time or the tools.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for reading this post and spending that precious time with your kid(s)!

Peace :)

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